Friday, January 8, 2010

BURRRRRRRHHH Turn up the Heat!!

Oh my oh my, 14 degress and 10 mph winds. It is freezing here in Tex-Ass! My swimming pool is frozen and my everything is cold. We are not equip for this cold. Water pipes froze and no watta!!
Here at work and every time the salon door opens the temp drops in here!!! Maybe I will see a real Eskimo ??? I brought in the new porch kitty and he was soo Happy to sleep in the laundry room with him a little bed! He was excited to see me this morning. His poor little shorter than the others leg,, but he is a happy kitty. Hope he enjoys his day with Pappa Doe Doe and Gus and Cooter!! If I didn't have to work than Id be at home on couch with movies and a fire goin. Whatever!!

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