Sunday, September 26, 2010

Have been in Whatever Land!!

Well fall is comming and a new swap is starting.. I will be at Fudgie's house in Oregon to take care of her after her hip replacement. I am excited to see her it has been too long (2 yrs). Cant wait. Not only is the weather change exciting since I will be escaping close to onehundred degree weather here in Tx, I will be robbing her quiltstore (shhh dont tell her) Hee Hee!! Im sure the doggies will be excited to see me and lick me to death. I will get to see my little sister and Spooney and all the peeps at Willing Hands. I have been a busy girl and the break will be nice from the salon. Maybe my back will recover from so much work.. I joined the swap and will be mailing from Fudgie's. yeah Halloween is one of my favorites and I have never not dressed up for it!! Hope everyone enjoys the cool weather changes and the season of soup and crockpot dishes. I know I will!! It will take the Whatever! out of dinner decisions.