Monday, January 11, 2010


Working on my kitchen curtains. Need new rotary blades so I can cut the rest of my 9x9 blocks. I cant wait to finish them and start (again) on sewing my "on point" spools and bow ties quilt. Not an easy task. My first on point quilt. At least the weather is warming slowly and at it's own pace. My swimming pool is still froze and I hope my pump survived. I am eagerly awaiting on my partner's info for the "martini madness" swap. How exciting, my little brain is venturing outside of the box! (the one that holds the air between my ears) I just have to remember not to pull down on my earlobe to hard. So as not to let the air escape. Now back to laundry,,,,, Whatever!


  1. You joined the swap? I am proud of you "getting outa the box."

  2. yeah but that means your are still making me one Cause I like your shi bit!!! Love you.