Thursday, January 7, 2010

This new year has brought on some cold weather and new challenges. Like how to keep going to the gym and how to not keep eating more than what I am supposed to. Sounds like a title to a country song or at least the start of one. The past year was good and family and friends are well. Oh this last year has brought on wonderful new quirks in the body. Like how many periods can you have in one month? (so far 3!) And it doesn't help when you have a Mother that bursts out laughing when you ask her for advice. (hence, the no wire hanger"s ringtone on my phone). Yes she is special and those that know her understand my sarcasm. Hee Hee! Hope that my hands keep trucking on cause cutting and styling of coiffures depends on it. We received a new kitty for the front porch and he is missing a front paw. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we have to feed him and there you have it an addition to the growing herd. Speaking of herds. My finest equestrian yard decorations decided to break free when the big gate opened so I could re-hay their butts! One hour later and 1/2 mile walked with gasping breath that steamed as it exited, they were secure. Started sewing again and hope to continue because there are many projects to finish. And would love to join some sewing group. We are hoping and praying the "the new quilt/sew shop" open in our little town soon. It is a long way to a store at present. Well time to go and Whatever!

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