Friday, March 19, 2010

Great Weather!!!! ???

Well the cold weather is on its way out, today 70...this weekend however, 40's But it is the last of it (hopefully) Flower beds and garden tilled and ready for pretty flowers and yummy veggies. Spring is comming and new hairdo's will be requested and plenty of color stocked in the cupboard at the Salon. Im Ready!!!!! I hope the Easter Bunny brings me candy and goodies yummy!! My son is here now and I am happy. Hope he ditches those crutches soon so he can start a job and college. Waiting to go fabric shopping for apron swap. and tomorrow I go to a cool sewing class for a hand bag!!! FUN! I hope I don't need my seam ripper, Whatever!

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  1. bumpkin...BTW how's menopause?
    love your mama!