Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The rain has ceased and finally the sun is out... however the temperature is 24 this morning and the high will get to maybe 47. My yard is a swamp land and when I say yard, I am referring to the two front acres my house sits on. I could grow rice or harvest alligator eggs or even have a mud festival with atv's and such. My poor horsie's are tired of the wet. But they just eat hay all day and nap so what do they really care? My apron came and it was beautiful I love the Roses and colors. My glass however got drunk in the box and broke itself to pieces. : ( I will send my great big thank you to Sassykay soon (I threw my address away, woops. I was excited) Her info is comming via e-mail. And then I can thank her properly. I was wondering how many days I have till I need a hysterectomy since my monthly time has come again this month. (mother laughing out loud right now) I asked her once about these things and she kindly replied Ahhhh...HaHaHa... She forgets the older I get the older she gets. WHATEVER!!! I am busy at the Salon this week and also with my extra income business, recruiting some more people for the easiest job in the world.. New technology is wonderful and will let me retire early. Hooooray!!!!!! I love America! (especially if they were giving away free hysterectomy's)

Love Peace and Happiness to all.

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  1. Did I say...Are you glad to be a woman...hahaha
    Love you!